"There is no one, two, or three, who remain behind the others. Lifting of all, all are lifted." The Popol Vuh


Turo College is an organization which purpose is to delivery  education for all.

"Education is a Human heritage and should be easy to acquire, affordable, easy to understand and accessible to all."



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Where Are You Now?

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How to improve the quality of education

by Arturo Campos on May 14, 2012 4 Comments
Express which are the deficiencies that you see in the current Educational System and your opinion about :
 What  we should do to improve it?, 
What should be the role of educators and which should be the participation of students in the process?
Do  the Education System is working?.
What you think? 
Which are our failures?

Is the Education System Working?

by Arturo Campos on May 11, 2012 14 Comments
          One of the adverse factors more important in the educational process is the lack of interest of teachers in facilitate the assimilation of knowledge by the student.
          Most of the teachers are limited to recommend texts and transfer the contents verbatim without an interest in doing so in an orderly and easy way to understand and assimilate.
          The student in turn is in conformity  to accept this situation without pressing changes allowing a better quality in the education.
          And the educational system in general does not create the basis to question the current status nor does allow generates results more objectives that respond to national and international reality of the current economic context.  What do you think?  What should be done?

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